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Welcome to Pleasants County Middle School Media Center!


General Info
Reading classes have scheduled days when they visit the Media Center. During that time students may check-out books or read newspapers, magazines or books.

Teachers may also sign-out the Media Center on an as needed basis for research or other class activities.
Accelerated Reader Online
PCMS uses Accelerated Reader Online with students in grades 5-8. Students may take reading practice quizzes on books they have read in an attempt to earn points. These accumulated points may be used to purchase items at the Accelerated Reader Point Pay-Off. Students earning 100+ points during the school year will be eligible to participate in the Mystery Trip this spring. 
PCMS Web Resources

PCMS's students have access to several online resources that they can use at school and at home.  There is a list of some of these resources under the link called "PCMS Web Resources."  Check this list to see what programs are available for student use.

Please note:  Some of the resources require student login while others are open and available for anyone to use. 
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