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To Enroll at Belmont Elementary School please call 304-299-5274 to set-up a time to complete the new student enrollment forms. We will also need other documentation for our files as well. We will let you know what you need to bring when we set-up your appointment. Please read the new student/ transfer student-parent welcome note below.


New Student / Transfer Student  Parent Welcome Note


Dear New Family,


                Welcome to Belmont Elementary School, a vibrant place with a caring staff. We are a team of students and educators that work hard every day to achieve success and put the needs of our students first. One of the most important factors for student success is attendance. Work with your child to be at school as much as possible in order to get the most out of their educational experience.


Below are a few reminders of policy; please examine them as well as the student and parent handbook.


Highlighted School Policies:

Drop-off Time for Students not riding a bus to school is 8:00 AM. Please do not bring your child before 8 AM as we do not have adequate supervision of the building until 8 AM. Also- students must be dropped off or picked up in the back of the building (Triplett Street.)

Change of Transportation After School – on days that your child’s transportation will change for after school, please send a note with your child to school including the date, child’s first and last name, what the change will be for that day, and a parent/guardian signature. If it is for multiple days, each date must be listed. If something comes up and you need to call the office the day of, you must do so before 2:00 PM, otherwise your child will be sent home on his/her normal transportation mode. The person calling/ sending the note must be on the child’s list of emergency contacts.

Student Pick-Up any adult that needs to pick up a student must be on the student’s emergency card in order to pick them up.

Fire Lane- the back of the building includes a red fire lane. Vehicles may not be in this area at any time (including drop off/ pick up.)

Absences- all absences must have a written note. Parents/Guardians my write up to five notes per semester to excuse absences for illness, beyond that, it must be excused by a doctor’s note. W.V. Code defines all other excused absences in WV Code, Chapter 18, Article 8, which is provided in your child’s assignment book. Regardless of the reason, a written note must be provided for each absence, otherwise it is unexcused.

The Make-Up Work policy is listed under county policy 8004. Upon returning to school, students are given one full day for each absence plus one day for excused absences. (Total number of absences + one day.) We encourage you to request work ahead of time if it is a planned absence and give your child’s teacher at least two school days to prepare work ahead of time for a planned/ future absence. 

For complete and additional policies visit and also review the school policies in the student handbook.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.

PHONE: 304-299—5274

FAX: 304-665-2408

Information Available:

(for policies, click “BOE” and then select one of the chapters of policies.)

State Department of Education:

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