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In compliance with WV State Board of Education Policy 2525, Pleasants County Collaborative Pre-K offers a free and appropriate public preschool program for all children turning four years of age prior to July 1st and eligible three-year-olds with special needs.  In collaboration with Appalachian Council Head Start, Pleasants County Schools offers a child-centered, developmentally appropriate pre-k program at both Belmont Elementary School and St. Marys Elementary School.  Pre-k students attend four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from 8:30AM-3:30PM.  Transportation is provided and breakfast and lunch are available at the school. 

Our program is designed to foster independence, self-esteem, social skills, and academic foundations that will serve to support healthy growth and development for a lifetime.  Using the Early Learning Standards Framework as our guide, we concentrate on a play-based model that encourages a plan, do and review sequence.  Our goal is to facilitate the development of the whole child (social, cognitive, adaptive, motor and language skills.)  In addition, we also explore math, science, pre-reading and writing, social studies and art concepts.

 The Pleasants County Universal Collaborative Pre-K Handbook and Procedures Manual contains information on the following topics (click on the link below to view the manual): 

  • Pre-K enrollment process, including eligibility for pre-k, registration call-in and enrollment days at the school
  • Attendance
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Transition from pre-k to kindergarten and additional information regarding transitioning students with IEPs
  • Pre-K classrooms, including information on the environment, curriculum and assessment

Pre-K enrollment packets include the following forms:  (download link located below)

  • Home Language Survey
  • Emergency Information Sheet
  • Student Residency Form
  • Immunization Registry Consent Form
  • Dental Check Form
  • Health Check Forms - 3yo; 4yo; 5yo
  • Enrollment Forms Checklist
  • Required Immunizations for Pre-k list
  • Enrollment Application
  • Application for Certified Copy of WV Birth Certificate
  • Application for Certified Copy of Ohio Birth Certificate 

 Any student enrolling in kindergarten who did NOT attend Pleasants County Collaborative Pre-k is asked to complete a brief survey at the beginning of the year.  The survey is available for download below.
Read It Again Pre-K downloads (click here)
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