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  • Pre-K Collaborative/Core Team Quarterly Meeting October 12th at 9:30AM in the board room
  • Monthly SAT, 504 and IEP Coordinators Meeting October 31st at 2:00PM in the board room 
  • Pre-K Onsite Monitoring February 14th, 2019
  • Special Education Onsite Monitoring February 26-27, 2019
  • Back to School Special Education PD  2018 2019


READ.IEP directions for general educators is located at WVDE OSP or by clicking here:  


2018-2019 School Year Updates

New and updated forms:

  • IEP 4 - Gen Ed Tchr Mod Form 2018 2019 (updated)
  • N/A - SAT Process Flow Chart (new upload)
  • SAT 4 - MTSS Parent Letter (new upload)
  • SAT 5 - MTSS Information Sheet (new upload)
  • SPED 7 - Restraint Use Documentation (updated)
  • N/A - 2018-2019 Special Education Staff List (new upload)
Form to be used by teachers/staff to provide information to physician regarding a student's performance in the educational environment.
Record of modifications provided per the IEP in Section A of Services or 504 Plan
Description of the SAT Process in a Multi-tiered System of Supports
Letter Template - Informs parents of child's placement in the MTSS
Information provided to parents regarding the MTSS in PCS
Pleasants County Schools Special Education Links
An excellent resource for educators to assist in making the most of technology in the classroom.
Office of Special Programs

Kimberly D. Kehrer

304-684-2215 ext. 106


Patricia Miller

304-684-2215 ext. 101

Pleasants County Schools is dedicated to meeting the unique learning needs of every student.  Special education services provide individualized instructional supports to students who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and WVBE Policy 2419.

Qualifying students ages 3-21 are educated in accordance with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), developed by a team that includes parents, educators, specialists, and the student (if appropriate).  The purpose of the IEP team is to ensure that each student’s unique learning needs are met, and that he/she is afforded every opportunity to reach maximum potential!

Access to related services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy; a full-continuum of services ranging from self-contained to full-time in the general education setting; and highly motivated, knowledgeable, and caring teachers and staff, all contribute to effective instruction and growth for students with disabilities. 

Specially designed instruction is also provided to students who qualify for services in gifted education.  A centralized program (located at St. Marys Elementary School) serving qualifying students from Belmont Elementary and St. Marys Elementary is designed to enable these students to collaborate and grow with other students with similar talents and skills.  The middle school gifted program focuses on fostering continued growth and deeper understanding in areas of demonstrated talent for each student.  Programming in honors and college level coursework at the high school level ensures that students are prepared and ready to accomplish their academic and career goals.

From  our youngest learners  just beginning their educational careers, to the young adults transitioning to life beyond public schools, PCS is proud and honored to be part of the journey!



 In addition to special education services, contact the Pleasants County Office of Special Programs for information regarding the following programs:

  • Title I 
  • Pre-K and Preschool Special Needs
  • Section 504
  • School Assistance Teams
  • Alternative Education
  • Title IX
  • Medicaid
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