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Superintendent's Message - Work Stoppage

Dear Parents,

Pleasants County Schools has always placed a high priority on providing our students a quality education.  The greatest resource we have in our communities is our children and we take great pride in the responsibility of educating our students.  In order for our school system to be successful, we must consistently have a highly effective workforce.  We in Pleasants County Schools do not view ourselves as a workforce but a team.  We do not see our work as a job but a blessing to educate our youth.  Understanding the importance and value of our team, our professional and service employees deserve and need our support as they work with our State legislature to secure competitive wages and benefits.  West Virginia ranks 49th out of 50 states in teacher pay and its school employees have not had a raise in many years.  The significant increases in insurance premiums have outpaced salaries. 

Over the past several months, teacher and service personnel unions have been in negotiations with our legislators but have reached an impasse.  I have been informed that our school personnel has voted to join a statewide “work stoppage”.  In light of those developing circumstances, Pleasants County Schools will be closed Thursday, February 22nd and Friday, February 23rd.  All regular season games will be rescheduled with the exception of sectional, regional and state athletic tournaments planned for Thursday and Friday.    Please note, our Board of Education Office will remain open for business as usual.  Based on guidance provided by the West Virginia Department of Education and school law, districts will be required to make up these two instructional days. 

We realize and apologize for the inconvenience to our families and hope for a quick resolution to this issue so we can get back to educating our students. 

The Pleasants County Board of Education and I support our employees in their efforts to achieve better salaries and benefits. 

As always, THANK YOU for your support of Pleasants County Schools!

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