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Pleasants County Schools News Article

WV Virtual School Updates 11/10/2020

11/10/2020 ----- This message is for all Virtual Families:
*At this point, your child should have completed over 50% of the coursework in each class for the semester.
*If they are behind on course work, there is an accelerated pacing guide on the Virtual Platform for each class that you may choose to use to catch up. On the Virtual School Information page on pleasantscountyschools.com there is a guide on how to access these pacing guides.
*As of today, you may see Part 2 classes begin to appear on your child’s platform. These are the Second Semester classes which do not begin until January 4. Students should not begin working on these courses early. The state is automatically adding second semester courses to all students. This does not indicate approval for enrollment for Semester 2 and your child must meet all requirements from semester 1 to continue in Virtual Learning.

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