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Attendance Guidance for 20-21 School Year
Pleasants County Schools Attendance: 2020-2021
Traditionally, attendance has been based solely on a student’s physical presence. Now, the education of students is taking place in a variety of methods so physical presence may be only one of many measures of attendance.
All West Virginia State Laws concerning attendance are still in effect for the 2020-2021 school year.  Additionally, the Pleasants County School Attendance policy is also still in effect.   Families are encouraged to read both in their entirety at and respectively.
A student is present for a learning opportunity when they demonstrate evidence of engagement with instructional content.  This evidence may be:
  1. Physical presence in a classroom with their teacher
  2. Synchronous online interaction with teachers and/or peers
  3. Asynchronous interaction with teachers, peers, and/or instructional content

Engagement in learning opportunities is key to student success!
In-person classroom attendance:
If the student is present in their assigned classroom, they are present for the learning opportunities provided there.  
Tardiness and missing part of a day represent absence and the missing of vital learning opportunities.

Remote learning attendance:
If the student is engaged in remote learning by one of the following, they are present:
  • Log in to and participate in synchronous learning opportunities as assigned by the teacher/school
  • Complete assigned remote asynchronous learning opportunities by the due date set forth by the teacher/school
Failing to log in, participate or complete assigned remote asynchronous learning opportunities by the due date set forth by the teacher/school represent an absence.

Virtual school attendance:
If the student is engaged in virtual learning by one of the following, they are present:
  • Log in daily to the virtual course and maintain a course assignment completion within 10 percentage points of “on pace” for the virtual course.
  • Participate in weekly check-in conferences with WV virtual school facilitators for all courses the student is enrolled in.
Failing to log in, maintain satisfactory progress, or missing weekly check-ins represent an absence.
An excused absence is an absence that meets one of the following:
1. Illness or injury of the student verified by parent/guardian (limit 3 consecutive days, 5 days per semester)
2. Illness or injury of the student as verified by a physician
3. Medical/dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside the school day, verified in writing by a physician/dentist
4. Illness or injury in family when the student’s absence is verified as essential by a    physician
5. Calamity, such as a fire in the home, flood, or family emergency upon approval by the school principal
6. Death in the family (limit three days) as defined by county policy
7. Leaves of educational value adhering to the county policy
8. School approved curricular or extracurricular activities
9. Legal obligation with verification
10. Failure of bus to run or extremely hazardous conditions, approved by administration
11. Observance of religious holidays

Absence Notes:
1. Send the note the first day your child returns to school
2. Limit of five (5) parent notes per semester; after which, all parent notes are unexcused
3. Must include your child’s full name, your full name, date of absence, contact number, and explanation of absence
Absence notes may be turned in at each school office, faxed from the medical professional’s office, or scanned and emailed.  (

Additionally, to document an excused absence for students who are ordered to quarantine due to a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 or possible exposure to COVID-19, a note from the Health Department is required.  A note of release from the Health Department or primary care physician is also required for a student to return.
Questions or Concerns? Contact 
Amanda Mote, Attendance Director
304-684-3047 ext. 122
202 Fairview Drive, St. Marys, WV 26170