Grade 10

Sophomore Guidance


* Begin with the end in Mind! Where do you want to be at the end of your sophomore year? What will you be able to list as your accomplishments? How many community service hours will you earn? Excel attendance, a good GPA and credits earn are all stepping off points for grade 10. Grade 10 is the leap year into finalizing post-secondary plans.

* You must select a concentration from a career cluster by your sophomore year. Once a concentration is selected; your program either Non CTE or CTE must be completed before graduation.

* Meet with your guidance counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation. If you are behind in credits from your 9th grade year, make certain to discuss options such as summer school with your guidance counselor.

* TAKE THE PLAN TEST SERIOUSLY!!!! This college readiness test will give you great insight into the ACT. It will also give you an opportunity to see your strengths related to possible career choices.

* Visit with your guidance counselor to update your 4-year plan and to set up your account with CFWV. CFWV can help explore careers, colleges and other opportunities to assist with post secondary plans.

* Use your agenda to keep yourself organize with homework assignments, record test dates and due dates for projects. TAKE RESPONSIBITY FOR YOUR LEARNING by knowing your grades; visit livegrades daily!!!

* Know your password and login to LIVEGRADES so you can monitor your progress in each class. You can get information from your teachers.

* If you plan to enroll in dual enrollment or college courses your junior and senior year, make certain you maintain a 2.5 GPA and take the ACT during the spring month of your Sophomore year.

* Set a goal and work towards that such as a certain GPA; joining a group; making a sports team. GET INVOLVED WITH HIGH SCHOOL

* Finish your sophomore year strong with a total of 17 credits, high GPA, take your ACT in the spring of your sophomore year. Become familiar with admission requirements and what colleges find desirable in their applicants so that you can plan your junior year accordingly.

* Begin searching and understanding scholarship opportunities; they too have eligibility requirements that you can begin working toward during your junior and senior years.


* If you 25 hours of community service hours; be aware of in school opportunities; see you school counselor for more information

* Stay focused on your goals, do your best in all that you do, make good choices and treat others kindly. You will go further than you can even imagine!!