Strategic Plan and Goals

Goal 1- Improve Student Achievement

Improve student academic success in all courses of study through high-quality instruction and personalized learning. All students will individually increase their reading and math proficiency by at least 10% as measured by cross-walked school outcome data (STAR, SAT, Amplify Reading, iReady Math, Redbirds/ALEKS Math, CA-CIA.)

Goal 2- Increase Student Achievement

Provide engaging classroom environments through a focused, integrated curriculum challenging all students to reach their potential. Through the progress monitoring tools, we intend to see higher student achievement (as measured by student outcome programs) and maintain the high levels (97-99%) in student engagement (as measured by walk-through data.)

Goal 3- Improve Leadership Capacity

Build leadership capacity throughout the district to promote and sustain continuous improvement for all staff as measured by data reporting, walk-through data, and educator evaluation. Improvement will be assessed based on outcome data reflecting an increase in desired change for engagement and student achievement. As a district, we would like to see all students increase reading and math proficiency as measured by school outcome data. Specifically, we want to see cohort gains of at least 6% (according to the state assessments) in both reading and math.

Goal 4- Improve Behavior and Mental Health

Pleasants County Schools will improve the student capacity for Behavior and Mental Health supports.