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Know the Law

§17C-12-7. Overtaking and passing school buses… The driver of a vehicle, upon meeting or overtaking from either direction any school bus which has stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging any school children, shall stop the vehicle before reaching the school bus when there is in operation on the school bus flashing warning signal lights, as referred to in section eight of this article, and the driver may not proceed until the school bus resumes motion, or is signaled by the school bus driver to proceed or the visual signals are no longer actuated. This section applies wherever the school bus is receiving or discharging children including, but not limited to, any street, highway, parking lot, private road or driveway: Provided, That the driver of a vehicle upon a controlled access highway need not stop upon meeting or passing a school bus which is on a different roadway or adjacent to the highway and where pedestrians are not permitted to cross the roadway.

Penalty to Driver
1st Offense = $250-$500, 2nd Offense = $500-$1000, 3rd Offense = $1000 + Jail

Penalty to Owner of Vehicle (If driver cannot be identified)
1st Offense = $250-$500, 2nd Offense = $500-$1000, 3rd Offense = $1000