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Certification Application Information

All types of certification require unique forms and methods for submissions. This resource website explains the process and correct form to use for each certification type. Forms that are hard copy/ print may be completed and turned in to Mr. Eric Croasmun for processing.


Certification Contact

The certification officer for Pleasants County Schools is
Mr. Eric Croasmun. Phone: 304-684-2239

E-Mail Mr. Croasmun

Official transcripts can be submitted to Mr. Croasmun electronically for processing from institutions that offer electronic transfer programs (such as Parchment) via email.

We can also accept documents in person or by mail at: 202 Fairview Drive, St. Marys, WV 26170 or by Fax at (304) 665-3569.

CPR/AED Requirement for Coaching / Band Certification

Beginning with the 2021-2022 School Year, all coaches, advisors, and band directors are required to submit annual verification of an up-to-date CPR/AED certification.

Download the Annual Verification Form- CPR/AED

When completed, this form can be submitted in person to the board office, emailed to Mr. Croasmun, or Faxed to the Board Office.

First-time Coaching Certification Applicants

WVSSAC Required Courses:

All coaches who are not certified teachers must complete the three required courses for coaching which includes: WVSSAC Coaching Principles Course, WVSSAC Association Course, and the WVSSAC First Aid Course (this does not also count for the additional requirement to be certified in CPR/AED.)

Schedule and Registration for Coaches Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the Certification instruction guide:

Coaching Certification (First Time Applicant) Portal Guide

Please review the list of required materials that you need to submit to the board office when you first certify:

Required Materials

ETS- Praxis

Praxis Requirements for West Virginia can be found at:
ETS- Praxis Requirments for West Virginia

Short-Term Substitute Certification (from WV Policy 5202)

Last Updated: 10-14-2022

What is a 5202 Substitute Teacher?

A 5202 Short-Term Substitute Teacher is an individual who has a 4-year bachelor’s degree that is not in teacher education and completes the training to serve as a substitute teacher.

How can a qualifying person become a 5202 Substitute Teacher?

1.    When the substitute teacher position is open- apply for the position. It is a professional position. Postings are available at http://www.pleasantscountyschools.com/Employment.aspx

2.    Submit the required documentation to apply for the substitute position.
Required documentation- letter of interest, resume, reference list with a minimum of three references, and two letters of reference. Applicants must also fill out and submit the professional bid sheet and application for professional positions which can be found at pleasantscountyschools.com/ under “Employment”.

Once you have received a letter of employment after the board meeting:

3.    Obtain a WebTop/CertPortal Account by registering at:

4.    Register for the “Initial Substitute Permit Course” (Short Term) at:

Alternate link:

5.    Log in and complete the course at:

Once you have completed the Substitute Permit Course:

6.    Schedule an appointment at the PCBOE Office with Mrs. Jeanne George for the completion of payroll paperwork. You will need to bring your social security card and either your driver’s license or a certified birth certificate.

7.    Submit all required documents for certification to Mr. Eric Croasmun in person or by email.

a.    You will need a printed copy (or PDF copy) of the certificate of completion of the substitute course.

b.    Official college/ university transcripts from your undergraduate degree (or you can have your college/university send them to our office to the attention of Eric Croasmun.)  

c.     A completed and notarized Form 7 (release of background check.) This form will be completed when you do payroll with Mrs. George.

8.    Log on to https://wvde.us/certification/certification-info/application-forms/ and find the section for form 2S (Short-Term Substitute Permit.)

a.    Click “instructions” and read the instructions.

b.    Click “online” and then click “register” or go to the CertPortal and register.

c.     After you register return to the CertPortal and click Log-In and then type your credentials.

d.    Click “create new application

e.    On the ‘I want to…” dropdown menu, choose “apply for licensure” and then choose “substitute” for license type, then select “Initial Short-Term Substitute Permit (2S)” for credential type.

f.      Select the appropriate options and then click the green “start application” button.

g.    Fill out all of the information, then click “review” and “submit”

9.    You will be notified by the WVDE to make payment online for your application fee and you will be sent a service code to schedule an appointment for a CIB background check. The results will be sent directly to the WVDE and will be at your own expense. You will also have to pay for the certification. When an electronic application is ready for payment a notification will be sent to the email listed on the application, the application status will show "Pending Payment", and a "Pay Now" button will appear next to your application. Click “pay now” and then follow the prompts.

Once your certification is closed (approved) by WVDE you can move on to step 10.

Contact an elementary principal, the middle school principal, and the high school principal to schedule times for your observations. You must observe 2 hours at all three levels*. These hours may be completed in one day. Complete the observation log and obtain signatures from the principal at each school. (On some offerings of the substitute course, this is completed virtually through WV Learns for the purpose of the course, however, we still require new short-term subs to complete observations prior to their first day of substituting.) The completed observation log must be turned in to Mr. Croasmun.

11.                  When this is process is completed with all steps satisfied,  you will be made active in the calling system to start receiving jobs.


Contact Mr. Croasmun with any questions at 304-684-2215 or ecroasmun@k12.wv.us