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Pleasants County Schools Policy 7030 provides a provision that allows students to attend the WVDE Virtual School to take courses for the student's specific grade level for Grades K-12.

OFFICE 365: 

Basic Information Reference Sheet: Reference Sheet.pdf


Video Guide (Elementary) 

Video Guide (Middle/High School) 

Orientation Session Recording 

WVVS Support System

If you need assistance with technical issues, virtual platform issues, or any other problems you may encounter, please send an email to the appropriate address below. Be sure to include the student's name, grade level, and county of enrollment.

------For issues involving Grades K-5 –

------For issues involving Grades 6-12 –

If you are registered for a K-5th Grade Wellness Course- please read this document:
K-5 Wellness Announcement for Fall 2020.pdf


**If you want to know what you have to fill out each semester, see this chart:

What do I need to fill out and submit.pdf

The Spring Semester (beginning January) application window is closed.

Students can only enter virtual school at the beginning of a semester.

(All requirements must be met prior to applying; all requirements must be maintained.) 

County Contact: Mr. Eric Croasmun  (County Contact/ Registration K-8 & Enrollment K-12)
Attendance/ Social Services/ Virtual School Child Nutrition Program: Mrs. Mandy Mote 
Special Education: Mrs. Kim Kehrer 

Belmont Elementary K-4: Mrs. Shelley Taylor  (Mentor-Facilitator)
St. Marys Elementary K-4: Mrs. Tammy T. Haught  (Mentor-Facilitator )
Pleasants Middle 5-8: Mr. Tyrell Childers (Mentor-Facilitator )

Pleasants Middle 5-8: Mrs. Kristi Carpenter (Scheduling)
St. Marys High 9-12: Mr. W. Aaron Hickman (Mentor-Facilitator )
St. Marys High 9 & 11: Mrs. Susan Travers (Scheduling/ Registration 9&11)
St. Marys High 10 & 12: Mrs. Loura Rinard (Scheduling/ Registration 10&12)

Pacing Guides:

Reference Sheet on Pacing Guides:

Pacing Guide Instructions. PDF.pdf

Text of Pleasants County Schools Policy 7030: 

 Virtual School Policy/ Information


WVDE Virtual School Information is located at:


For Students: 

For Parents:



Requirements to apply to Virtual School:

Student Requirements to the Virtual School 


Application Decision Flow-Chart:

Decision Flow-Chart


Application to Virtual School:

To attend Virtual School, an enrollment application packet must be completed and turned in to the principal of the school where the child is enrolled.

*For students currently enrolled in a Pleasants County School, after approval from the School Principal, Director of Special Programs, Director of Attendance, and Director of Technology- the Superintendent will approve or deny the request to enroll in WVDE Virtual School.

*For students currently in a homeschool program (that reside in Pleasants County) that are seeking enrollment in the WVDE Virtual School, the application should be submitted to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Central Office (202 Fairview Drive, St. Marys, WV.)


Final Registration 

Once approval is granted from the county superintendent, the county office will register the student and when the Registrar at WVDE approves the enrollment, the courses will start appearing on the virtual platform when the student logs in.



Per policy 7030- once enrolled, a student must remain enrolled in the Virtual School for an entire semester. "Once a student has followed the appropriate application process and has been approved to enter the WVDE Virtual School, they cannot choose to apply for re-entry to the regular school setting until the next semester." 



Daily access to the internet must be able to be provided by the parent. Academic support for students in the Virtual School is provided by the WVDE Virtual School Teachers. 



Please read Pleasants County Policy 7030 in its entirety.  

Please read the application requirements.



Eric Croasmun    304-684-2239 




Is Virtual School Available for Pre-Kindergarten?

At this time, we do not have a Virtual Pre-K option.


Who creates and assigns work to the student?

Curriculum, instruction, assignments and grades will be provided by the virtual teachers who are hired by the State Department of Education.


Can a student on an IEP enroll in Virtual School?

Virtual School may not be appropriate for some students with disabilities. An IEP meeting is required to determine if/how FAPE can be provided. 


How much time per day is required?

The amount of time required for the Virtual School really depends on the student. Typically, one can expect to spend about the same amount of academic hours/minutes as a traditional school day. However, some students may work more quickly and others more slowly. 


Does the student have to be "logged-in" at a certain time of day?

To complete assignments, lessons, and work- students are flexible with the times of day. However, parents and students need to be aware of the amount of daily work required when deciding what time of day they plan to complete the work. 


Are the lessons "live?"

Typically- no, lessons on the virtual school are pre-recorded and/or from a program. The virtual teacher does have the option to provide live lessons.


Who helps the students with work?

Virtual Teachers are available via e-mail and during the weekly webcam meeting. Virtual teachers may also choose to offer other opportunities for assistance. 


Are there meeting requirements?

The Virtual School requires students to meet with the virtual teacher(s) at minimum once per week via Webcam. The teacher(s) will schedule the times with you and if your child has more than one teacher, you may be required to have more than one weekly web-meeting.


Who grades the student's work? 

The Virtual School teacher grades and assesses all of the work.


If I don't like the Virtual School, can I return to traditional school? 

Virtual School is a minimum semester requirement. At the start of the next semester, the student can return to traditional school. (You cannot leave Virtual School in the middle of a semester, you must wait until the next semester begins.)


Can my child receive meals from the school nutrition program if they are in Virtual School?

Yes. For students enrolled in the Virtual School, five day meal boxes will be provided once a week at a centralized pick-up location.

Can a student in virtual school participate in athletics and/ or extra curricular groups?



Can a student in virtual school participate in school events such as prom?