sample GSA report


The W. V. Department of Education has prepared documents to help parents and students understand the GSA Reports for Math and English that PCS will release on Friday, September 3.

Each student that was in grades 3-8 last school year will receive two reports for Math/ELA. 

One report is the results of the Math and English tests.  For that report, these two documents will explain how to understand the data in the report:

Short Version:     Long Version:

The other report explains the student's Lexile Level (reading level) and Quantile Level (math level) of the student based on the Spring 2021 GSA Test. For the guidance for this report, please see these two documents:

Short Version:   Long Version:

If you have any questions, please contact your child's school.


Eric Croasmun, Director of Curriculum and Instruction/ Personnel (and assessment coordinator.)